Coronavirus Impacting Aviation | FAA Makes Changes to Public Documents Room Due to COVID-19


With the Coronavirus impacting aviation, the FAA Civil Aviation Registry has issued new procedures. These procedures will affect the Public Documents Room (PDR) in the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center.


The change in processes comes in an attempt to minimize exposure to the public at large. This starts with employees, permit-holders who regularly access the PDR, and their families.

The FAA intends to keep the PDR open and “provide essential services while maintaining social distancing and restricting physical public access.” 

What’s Changing?

There are now temporary measures in place, effective as of 8:00 am, Thursday, March 19, 2020, to help slow the spread of Coronavirus and maintain efficiency at the Registry. 

While the PDR remains open for their usual hours, 7:30 to 4:00 CDT, the “filing” window has been closed, which removes the ability to immediately file documents. 

For now, document submissions will be collected from drop boxes. These are located directly outside the PDR – hourly for those qualifying as “priority” and twice a day for those that do not. 

During this time the Registry will not provide “minute-by-minute” filing stamps. Digital submissions are allowed if all closing documents are digitally signed and less than 20 pages.

Documents can still be mailed via the usual means, but there is now a temporary email option as well. 

Documents can be emailed following certain requirements.

  • Digitally signed
  • Attachments 20 pages or less per document
  • One aircraft per email
  • Priority indicator.

Another notable change due to Coronavirus impacting aviation is that the FAA cannot guarantee “in by 11 out by COB”. This is expedited processing of documents for imports. 

There are also changes to payment services, which should now be completed online at A receipt can be generated to be submitted to the Registry if filing documents via email. 

It may be a while before we fully see the effect these changes have on document filing and transactions but there will certainly be some delay while we become accustomed to the new procedures.

While disruptions inevitably continue for industries worldwide, we are encouraged by the actions our leaders and communities are taking to protect our health and help businesses continue to run. 

This is a summary of details regarding the FAA’s PDR changes. For more information and assistance please contact us at

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