The Difference between Filed and Recorded FAA Documents & Why it Matters

There is a difference between the filing and recording of documents at the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), and it matters when it comes to properly registering your aircraft in trust. This article explores the differences between the two and the effects both unrecorded and improperly recorded documents can have on an aircraft’s title and therefore registration in the U.S.

New Agent for Aircraft Guaranty Corporation – Jan-Peter Fischer of CD Aircraft

Aircraft Guaranty Corporation (AGC), one of the most respected and trusted worldwide trustee services in the aviation industry, is pleased to announce that Jan-Peter Fischer of CD Aircraft is their new representative in Germany. AGC provides a safe and legal way to register aircraft in trust, with offices in 22 countries around the world, and is proud to add Mr. Fischer as their latest agent in Germany.

The History behind the International Registry

The concept of multi-country international laws governing the financing of aircraft was the brainchild of Jeffrey Wool, who understood the global nature of airline financing and knew that more favorable international laws were needed to encourage investment in startup airlines.

OIG Reports on FAA Registry Update – What Does it Mean?

There are changes ahead that will modernize the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) – bringing it up to date with the latest technology and security measures. One of the key updates will be to the registry system, which is vital for ensuring aircraft are legally owned, maintained, and operated.

How Brexit Could Affect European Aviation Operations for US Registered Aircraft

Brexit is undoubtedly a considerable topic with worldwide implications – people from all corners have been surmising at length – what will take place and when? Meanwhile, negotiations continue with no clear end in sight. The United Kingdom was due to leave the European Union on March 29, 2019, but that has now been extended to October of 2019.

LLCs versus Trusts and Protecting Your Asset

This month’s topic stems from the calls we often receive regarding forming a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) and/or Trust in the United States. Clients who are foreign nationals registered with Aircraft Guaranty Corporation sometimes wonder about taking their aircraft out of Trust and putting it in an LLC instead: Can they do it? Is it…

Aircraft Guaranty Corporation Turns 30

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Feb. 26, 2019 Aircraft Guaranty Corporation (AGC), one of the most well-respected trustee service providers in the aviation industry, is excited to announce their 30th year in business. Founded in 1989 by Dr. Connie Lee Wood and his wife Mary, AGC began in order to simplify the aircraft…

Blockchain in Aviation Owner Trustee Transactions: What is the Potential?

Blockchain – the highly advanced, decentralized database technology behind every virtual currency you can think of, and that most of us don’t understand – has many companies in many industries making huge strides to be at the front of this digital revolution, including aviation. However, it isn’t in regard to the use of virtual currencies…

Aircraft Guaranty Corporation Remembers Founder Dr. Wood

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – Feb. 6, 2019 Aircraft Guaranty Corporation (AGC) is sad to announce the loss of the company’s founder, Dr. Connie Lee Wood. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Wood passed away at the age of 70 on Saturday, January 26, 2019 at his home in Onalaska, Texas. Born July 16, 1948 to John…

Highlights of the 5 Year FAA Reauthorization Act

There were several proposals put forward for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Reauthorization Act of 2018 (HR 302), but not all of them made it through. While privatizing air traffic control will not be happening, the rules regarding re-registration have once again been changed. The bill also includes an edict that all documents will be digitized…

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