9 Benefits to Registering an Aircraft in Trust

An Aircraft Trust is a legal method, approved and overseen by the FAA for approximately forty (40) years, which allows interested parties to register aircraft in the United States in the name of a trustee. The most common reason for setting up an aircraft trust is to provide a solution for entities who do not…

Private Aircraft Pre-Flight Preparation

In 2016, Roger Harr made his second North-Atlantic flight crossing in his Cirrus SR22. Roger spoke to Aircraft Guaranty Corp about his experience, which you can read in our Q & A post. In this guest post, he shares the importance of preparation for such a trip. Pilots planning trips can take away potentially life-saving…

The Pilot Chronicles of: Roger Harr

A fireside chat with member: Oscar Avalle

Aircraft Guaranty Corporation had the chance to sit down with one of our clients, Oscar A. Avalle. Oscar was excited to share about his life and love for flying with our community. Let’s see what he had to say.

What is an Aircraft Trust and How Does it Work?

Civil or general aviation is a popular pastime in the United States, both for pleasure and business. For those who are interested in FAA registration for a privately-owned airplane, here are some answers on how trusts work. Who is eligible to register an aircraft in the US? An aircraft may be eligible for FAA registration…

What to Look for in Owner Trustee Documents

The strength of your Owner Trustee registration with the FAA rests upon the trust documents that create the legal relationship.  The Owner Trust relationship is created by the execution of several documents including Affidavits and Certificates, a Trust Agreement, an Accession Agreement, as well as an Aircraft Dry Lease Agreement and Operating Agreement.  Other documents…

Is your Trustee LEGIT?

Just because the Company has the name “Trust” or “Trustee” in it, doesn’t mean they have authority to act as a Trustee. It can be confusing when searching the market for a Trustee provider, as the cost of Trust services vary widely. Don’t be fooled by lower cost alone.  There is more to providing trust…

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