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We register aircraft in trust on behalf of entities who do not meet the FAA citizenship requirements.   Our clients tell us they select Aircraft Guaranty because of our 25-year reputation for solid trust documents and superior service.

People register aircraft in trust for different reasons.  While each decision is personal, some of the most common reasons relate to the US’s more favorable maintenance requirements and simplified registration process.  For those seeking it, registering in trust can provide anonymity of ownership and potential tax benefits.  

If you are wondering if registering your aircraft in trust might be right for you, please feel free to contact us.  We will be happy to discuss your options or walk you through the process.  

Registering in Trust

Aircraft Guaranty helps entities register aircraft on the US registry.  There are a number of reasons why entities do not meet the FAA citizenship requirements.  Aircraft Guaranty provides its US and international clients with ownership entities and structures that help solve these issues and allows them to register their aircraft with the FAA.

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Holding Title in Trust

Once an aircraft is registered in trust with us, Aircraft Guaranty becomes title holder of your aircraft.  This means we receive all communication from the FAA regarding your plane.  We take that responsibility very seriously, and will comply with current FAA guidelines for re-registering your aircraft, maintaining title, and notifying you of any pressing issues that might arise. We worry about maintaining your title so you don’t have to.

If you are seeking re-registration services for a plane that is not registered in trust, please contact our sister company, Wright Brothers Aircraft Title.

Transferring Title Out of Trust

When it comes time to sell your plane, there are a couple of options for entities who have registered their title in trust with us.  In lieu of transferring title to a new entity, for example, AGC can work with you and a subsequent owner to simply change the beneficiary of an existing trust.

Call us today to discuss what options are available and which might be right for you.

Escrow/Title Services

Are you looking for Escrow or other title services, like lien searches or document filings? Let our sister company, Wright Brothers Aircraft Title handle that work for you as well. Same great service, same great value.

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