U.S. registration of aircraft through the use of aircraft trusts, or owner trusts, has been approved by the FAA for approximately 40 years and is recognized in relevant FAA regulations.

Aircraft trusts have a long and strong history, and so does Aircraft Guaranty – registering aircraft in trust on behalf of entities who cannot meet the FAA registration requirements – providing a safe and lawful way to do so.

Our clients tell us they select AGC because of our 30-year reputation for solid trust documents and superior service.

Why Register in Trust?

People register aircraft in trust for different reasons:

  • Short Term Trusts
  • Manufacturer Registration
  • International Leases
  • Airline Registration
  • Repossessed or Stored Aircraft
  • Foreign Entities Residing, Owning Property, or Vacationing in the U.S.

While each situation is unique, some of the most common benefits to registering in trust relate to the U.S.’s more favorable maintenance requirements and simplified registration process.

With our decades of experience, AGC can guaranty that your trust is handled carefully and swiftly.


Transparency and accountability are priorities for Aircraft Guaranty’s business, while maintaining the privacy of our trustors/beneficiaries.

AGC thoroughly vets its trustors before they are ever put in trust, working diligently with its
customers to comply with any registration requirements of the FAA, including Know Your Customer requirements, and to obtain information and disclosure necessary to satisfy our internal requirements.

We are highly reputed for adhering to FAA, state and federal regulations in registering and
maintaining the titles of our clients.

Owner Trustee

Aircraft Guaranty provides our clients, whether U.S.-based or international, with a transparent and secure ownership structure that allows N-registration of aircraft with the FAA.


As title holder of your aircraft, we take care of compliance with current FAA guidelines for re- registering your aircraft. We maintain your title, so you don’t have to.

If you are seeking re-registration services for a plane that is not registered in trust, please contact our sister company, Wright Brothers Aircraft Title.

Transfer of beneficiary

In lieu of transferring title to a new entity, Aircraft Guaranty can work with you and a subsequent owner to change the beneficiary of an existing trust. We can securely transfer title without disrupting the trust.

Escrow/title services

Are you looking for Escrow or other title services, like lien searches or document filings? Let our sister company, Wright Brothers Aircraft Title handle that work for you as well. Same great service, same great value.