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We register aircraft in the U.S. for non-US citizens

to take advantage of the FAA’s more favorable maintenance requirements

and simplified registration process.

Trust Aircraft Guaranty to be your Owner Trustee because:

We register your aircraft in trust, so you maintain control at all times.
We have 25+ years of experience in the Aircraft Trustee Service business.
Our attorney-created documents have held up over a quarter century of scrutiny.
We make the process straightforward, with simple forms and dedicated staff to help walk you through each step.
Our offices are located in Oklahoma City, with direct access to the FAA Registry.

We have agents in multiple countries who speak multiple languages, so we can communicate with you no matter where you are.

We also maintain your title, tracking the re-registration dates and alerting you to FAA notices so nothing slips through the cracks. You can even pay all fees online through our website.
We alert you immediately with any FAA and manufacturer recalls that affect your aircraft.
And, when you want to sell your aircraft, we can explain your options to facilitate and simplify the transaction (transfer of title out of the trust or simply a transfer of beneficiary).

SLP_1241-Edit-smlAircraft Guaranty Corporation was founded in 1990 with a single goal: to simplify the aircraft registration and re- registration process for individuals living outside the U.S.
Since then we have registered and managed the titles for more than 2,000 aircraft with the FAA via valid, legal trusts, with our beneficiary clients maintaining full control of their aircraft. All our documents are written by attorneys, and we have access to them and their advice at all times.

The process is straightforward-

Call, email, or Request a Quote from our site online.
We call you to complete the details to set up your trust.
You can pay online, and we register all documents at the FAA, obtain your title and related documents and get them to you.

We also provide escrow services through our sister company, Wright Brothers Escrow, to further simplify your experience.