Aircraft Guaranty Corporation (AGC) is one of the most well-respected trustee service providers in the aviation industry, now in our 30th year in business.

Founded in 1989, our company began in order to simplify the aircraft registration and re- registration process for entities who cannot meet the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) registration requirements, providing a safe and lawful way to do so.

AGC’s formation was a response to the need for informed, personable and accountable trust companies.

Trusts were initially established for use by airlines, which are publicly traded, and foreign aircraft manufacturers that have facilities in the U.S. Both are essential for the operation of aircraft in the US, but neither meet the requirements for registering at the FAA.

Trust structures evolved to legally benefit more than just airlines and manufacturers, continuing growth and development in the aviation industry.

Based on the founders’ strong work ethic and impeccable service standards, Aircraft Guaranty has grown to be a renowned trust company led by Debbie Mercer-Erwin, who bought the company in December of 2014.

AGC now controls over one billion in aircraft value. With over 2000 aircraft registered in more than 160 different countries, we handle our clients’ transactions with knowledgeable, dependable and responsive service.

Our professional team has vast experience in aviation, international business and tax law, ensuring that clients’ aircraft is properly registered at the FAA in Oklahoma City. We are highly reputed for adhering to FAA, state and federal regulations in registering and maintaining the titles of our clients.

Our straightforward procedures, attorney-created documents, and easy to use website make aircraft registration as secure, uncomplicated and timely as possible.

Owner and President of AGC, Debbie Mercer-Erwin, embraced the opportunity to grow this business and infused it with her trademark passion for serving clients and building long- standing relationships. She attributes much of her success in the industry to personalized, prompt service.

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“A relationship of excellence! As an Austrian company operating N registered aircraft worldwide – RED BULL must have fool proof solutions – collaborating with Aircraft Guaranty gave us those solutions; international expertise, support, documents, service – professional and on time now for more than 15 years.”

The Flying Bulls GMBH, Austria,
highly satisfied AGC customer

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