Start with an Aircraft Title Search: Eliminate Buyer’s Remorse

The importance of an aircraft title search is a topic we’ve covered a lot, and continue to – this step, which in our opinion should be the first, is still often overlooked for no good reason. Last month In Why Bother with a Title Search, we discussed just how detrimental an aircraft deal “done on […]

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Clearing Clouded Aircraft Titles for Owners in Trust

Let’s talk about clearing clouded aircraft titles. There are quite a few circumstances that cause clouded aircraft titles. Any break in the chain of title can cause difficulties for owners when they try to buy, sell, or register their airplane. If the problems are overlooked, new owners, or owners in trust, inherit what the previous […]

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Registering in Trust – Why Bother with a Title Search beforehand?

Registering in trust is when an aircraft trust is set up to give the airplane ownership to a trustee who meets the FAA registration requirements on behalf of the true owner. We often receive pressing and important phone calls from potential clients that require a direct response – this month’s topic stems from exactly that, with an urgent […]

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Update: Additional Change to FAA Public Documents Room Due to COVID-19

The FAA‘s Civil Aviation Registry has made another important change to their Public Documents Room (PDR) procedures due to the continued spread of COVID-19, or Coronavirus. After multiple changes made last week in order to protect their employees, permit-holders who regularly access the PDR, their families and the public at large, they have taken a […]

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Coronavirus Impacting Aviation | FAA Makes Changes to Public Documents Room Due to COVID-19

In light of the continued spread and impact of COVID-19, or Coronavirus, the FAA Civil Aviation Registry has issued new procedures affecting the Public Documents Room (PDR) in the Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center.

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