Transferring the Beneficial Ownership of a Trust

Many of our customers are familiar with the process of registering in trust, and the reasons to do so; yet questions remain regarding transferring the beneficial ownership of a Trust. A great example we hear is “If I sell my aircraft, does the new buyer need a new trust?” Simply answered, “No, you can transfer […]

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Registering in Trust: The FAA’s Position on Aircraft Titles

The civil aviation industry relies on the FAA for many services, including information, certification, and training. While the FAA also provides many resources, it is still sometimes difficult to understand how they handle documentation – that is important when registering in trust. Further, and more specifically, what is the FAA’s position on aircraft titles? The answer, […]

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Update on Brexit and European Aviation Operations for US Registered Aircraft

Last year, we discussed How Brexit Could Affect European Aviation Operations for US Registered Aircraft. Brexit was a considerable topic with worldwide implications – people from all corners had been surmising at length what would take place and when. Negotiations went on at length, and with multiple extensions to the United Kingdom’s actual exit from […]

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Start with an Aircraft Title Search: Eliminate Buyer’s Remorse

The importance of an aircraft title search is a topic we’ve covered a lot, and continue to – this step, which in our opinion should be the first, is still often overlooked for no good reason. Last month In Why Bother with a Title Search, we discussed just how detrimental an aircraft deal “done on […]

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Clearing Clouded Aircraft Titles for Owners in Trust

Let’s talk about clearing clouded aircraft titles. There are quite a few circumstances that cause clouded aircraft titles. Any break in the chain of title can cause difficulties for owners when they try to buy, sell, or register their airplane. If the problems are overlooked, new owners, or owners in trust, inherit what the previous […]

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